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Tikona Infinet provides wireless last mile access for its Internet & VPN services. The last mile is used for extending the connectivity from Tikona Infinet Point of Presence from its POPs across India.
The provisioning of this last mile is done through Tikona Infinet 's Wireless Broadband (WBB) base stations located at each POP, which connect to the CPE installed at the customer premises.
The CPE is a radio modem given to the customer on a "right to use' model under wireless broadband services. At customer end following components complete the Wireless link - Directional antennae, Mast, Cable, Transceiver, indoor Radio modem (CPE). At our POP end the similar setup is there along with indoor point-to-multipoint BTS with sectoral antennae.
Since Tikona Infinet uses a licensed band spectrum to provide wireless broadband services, the equipments in that specific band need to be owned by the spectrum license holder (Tikona Infinet), therefore the delivery of wireless broadband is a 'service'. The equipment is installed at the customer's location on charging one time rental from the customer. However, the equipments continues to be the property of Tikona Infinet, which shall be returned when the link is surrendered.

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