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Tikona Infinet in Comparison to the Telecom Companies

The Multi Homing Network from Tikona Infinet enables us to provide the following differentiators:

  • Tikona Infinet is a company that is carrier, vendor and access-agnostic - it will procure the bandwidth (Backbone and Last Mile), equipment and other requirements from any telecom provider best suited to it's client's needs and overlay this network with its solutions.
  • The telecom service providers usually rely on their own network, they cannot easily move to the least congested routes, or the best available rates; that is why companies such as ours would be much more efficient.
  • When it really comes to executing the telecom companies have a hard time executing: largely because they use their own networks.
  • Tikona Infinet delivery model is based on utilizing the bandwidth capacities from multiple providers like Telecom carriers and Utility companies. Tikona Infinet then builds solutions and other value-added services around the basic bandwidth model utilizing its vast experience in the IT domain
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