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Building an in-house Data Centre is getting complicated and expensive. Why do it yourself when you can count on Tikona Infinet 's Co-location Services. We deliver solutions to growing enterprises faster and more affordable than ever before. Instead of procuring, implementing and managing applications, servers and networks on your own, leave it to Tikona Infinet and enjoy large savings over traditional solutions.

Tikona Infinet facilitates its customers to experience many facilities available at our Tier 3++ data centre at almost a fractional cost of owning one. We enable the customer to co-locate their critical servers and seamlessly connect their business to the World Wide Web or your private network.

Managed Co-location Services enable companies to achieve otherwise unattainable economies of scale for the many infrastructure components required to support business operations like network bandwidth, core network hardware, Data Centre facilities, and core software.

Network Bandwidth -
Robust connectivity to the Internet and/or private IP networks. If demand goes up, additional capacity can be added immediately without increasing and "Last Mile" capacity.

Physical Environment -
Business Facilities must be fully equipped with backup power supplies, strict environmental controls, and fire suppression equipment, manageable Cabling and other functional attributes (POWER/ FIRE/ SPACE/ SECURITY/ REDUNDANCY).

Human Resources - To maintain a 24x7x365 IT infrastructure, manpower cost sometimes exceeds even the component cost.

Such services will also enable our customers to achieve critical "economies of Skill & Scale." That is, the accumulated expertise and experience of such a Co-Location service provider's technical staff allows companies to achieve the high ongoing performance and availability levels for their revenue critical business applications without requiring them to take on the daunting burden of recruiting, hiring, managing and retaining their own in-house e-business infrastructure support teams.

Based even on relatively conservative estimates, these economies can reduce the cost of business infrastructure by large amounts. This reduction can therefore result in a total business ROI that is far greater than it would be if the same infrastructure had been built internally. Combined with the less quantifiable advantages of using a Co-Location service provider's - faster time-to-market, more flexible scalability, uptime guarantees etc. - these financial metrics make a compelling business case for the outsourcing of e-business infrastructure.

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