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Advantages to the user 

Lower Total Cost of Ownership 
You do not have to invest in expensive hardware like servers, Messaging and Security softwares Anti Virus etc., maintenance, Internet Infrastructure and manpower to keep the server running 24/7. All this is done in the background by Tikona Infinet and its experienced staff to give you robust emailing at a fraction of the cost of actually setting up and maintaining your own emailing Internet infrastructure. 

It is estimated that to acquire, deploy, and operate an in-house messaging solution for 5,000 users, an organization must spend approximately $640 per user's mailbox per year. (Source: "Outsourcing Messaging: A 21st Century Practice", Creative Networks, Inc., Summer 1998) 

Tikona Infinet hosts the Email servers in its data center, which is the first step to securing access to the server. Besides this we have strict security policies in place to ensure that your mail is visible only to you and nobody else e.g. when you log out of a browser session after working with your email, the history is cleared so that the next person using the same PC will not be able to peek at your messages, SSL (on request) to prevent taps into Client Server data movement, etc. 

State of the art software architecture 
Tikona Infinet messaging is hosted on Mithi Connect Server (which powers many high end heavy using customers), which is based on Internet standards and is compatible with multiple protocols-including POP, IMAP, HTTP, SMTP, and SSL. The solution has been validated for scalability at the Intel solutions centre, Bangalore. Besides this since the solution is based on of our own products, additional and custom features are available on demand. 

Always the latest 
Tikona Infinet releases new updates/upgrades of Mithi Connect Server and Iron Port in regular intervals and keeps the servers running your domain up-to-date thus providing you with the latest software features and fixes at NO EXTRA COST.

Key Administrative features for the email system 

  • Web based remote administration console for your domain
  • Automatic deployment, update and repair of the client software.
  • Live administrator reports on user profile and activity for the mail client users.
  • Manage individual accounts. (Storage quota etc.)
  • Support to insert messages in mail footers.
  • Enable/disable web client features for your domain
  • Catch all account if desired to be used in conjunction with a LAN mail server and gateway.


  • Anti Spam and Anti Virus scanning for each mail to ensure secured mailing solution for their mail boxes hosted on their mail server.
  • IRONPORT: Strong and Robust Anti Spam and Anti Virus Email Security Gateway to scan each mail for Virus attacks and Spam filtering.
  • Protection against 
      -  Protection against 
      -  Bounce Attacks
      -  DHA (Directory Harvest Attacks).
  • Physical security for the server thus protecting your data
  • Firewall configuration
  • Secure IP based mail relaying
  • Secure IP based database access
  • Solution based on proven robust and secure components
  • Web client clears history preventing unauthorized access after logout
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