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Tikona Infinet provides the following MPLS Services on its VPN backbone, through its Pan-India POP footprint.

  • L3VPN - A layer 3 MPLS VPN, also known as L3VPN, combines enhanced BGP signaling, MPLS traffic isolation and router support for VRFs (Virtual Routing/Forwarding) to create a virtual network. This solution is more scalable than classic provider-based frame relay or ATM-based networks, or IPSec-based VPNs.
  • L2VPN - A layer 2 MPLS VPN, also known as L2VPN, is a point-to-point pseudo-wire service. It can be used to replace existing physical links. The primary advantage of this MPLS VPN type is that it can transparently replace an existing dedicated facility without reconfiguration, and that it is completely agnostic to upper-layer protocols.
  • Internet
  • VoIP
  • Quality of Service & Classes of Services
  • Traffic Engineering
  • L2TP Dialup Backup

Tikona Infinet network has Cisco routers and multi service switches in its core locations across India and these locations are in a mesh network. These are the MPLS core locations with multiple BSO links terminating on each of the Core POP.
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