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IT today is closely aligned with Business objectives. IT is a crucial aspect of most organizational operations. One of the biggest concerns is business continuity; companies rely on its information systems to run its operations. If a system becomes unavailable, company operations may be impaired or stopped completely. It is necessary to have a control over the IT infrastructure and Managed Network Services provides a proactive control in order to minimize any chance of disruption.

Network Management Service (NMS) are highly sophisticated tools used by service providers to provide a secure architecture for proactive remote network monitoring and management of various network elements like Links, routers, switches, servers, laptops, PCs, storage, and also high end applications like Exchange, SQL, Oracle etc.

A 24x7x365 environment of constant monitoring enables the customers to have a proactive approach to avoid any business critical outage. NMS is capable of giving reports of various trends and incidents in the network by the analysis of which the IT Manager to optimize the network and reduce the huge cost of IT infrastructure and IT manpower. The root cause of any critical incidents in the network causing any business loss can be identified within minimum possible time and prompt action can be taken to put back things into track. NMS helps to maximize the network availability, decrease the likelihood of serious outages, and also provide the information to help optimize network performance.

More than just a monitoring tool, Network Management Service (NMS) supplies ongoing, expert reports to the IT manger for analysis of network quality and availability providing vital statistical reports, and proactive network assistance. As an NMS customer, you will decrease the chance of network downtime, reduce recovery time, and optimize network performance.

Future of NMS

The Network & IT infrastructure in an organization have come to the fore and have finally been recognized an important part of the overall Business functions. No wonder that the IT budget and plans of enterprises are being aligned to its Core Business Strategy. Almost all the processes in the organization are automated today with more and more number of computers being put on the network. New bandwidth hungry applications like CRM, ERP, Intranet, voice etc are chewing up the bandwidth creating congestion on the network and resulting in service degradation.

In this scenario, the only guarantee one can have is that if the network infrastructure is not managed proactively, it will lead to business loss. Since the IT infrastructure has become the backbone of today's business, an outage can cause havoc leading to customer dissatisfaction and revenue loss.

The Major drivers in market present today, making NMS a requirement are

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