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IT is today closely aligned with Business objectives. IT is a crucial aspect of most organizational operations. One of the biggest concerns is business continuity; companies rely on its information systems to run its operations. If a system becomes unavailable, company operations may be impaired or stopped completely. It is necessary to provide a reliable infrastructure for IT operations, in order to minimize any chance of disruption.

Tikona Infinet’s Managed Co-location services allow you to enjoy the many facilities available at our Tier 3++ data centre at almost a fractional cost of owning one. We will co-locate your server and enable it to seamlessly connect your business to the World Wide Web or your private network.

Information security is always a concern, and for this reason data has to be placed in a secure environment which minimizes the chances of a security breach. The Tikona Infinet Tier 3++ data centre therefore keeps high standards for assuring the integrity and functionality of its hosted computer environment.

We especially specialize in offering:

  • An End-to-End Network and Co-location solution.
  • Disaster Recovery solutions
  • Co-location services with huge Internet bandwidth requirement E-Commerce portals to especially cater B2C market

We have demonstrated expertise in providing the most reliable Disaster Recovery Solutions and Data Centre Solutions.
We have deployed few of the most robust VPN and Co-location infrastructure for some of the largest blue-chip corporate house in the country.
Strategically located in select key commercial centers around India, Tikona Infinet Tier 3++ Data centres are built in thousands of square feet and are designed to meet the demanding uptime needs of today's common and critical applications.

Tikona Infinet provides the ideal solution for national and multinational corporations having one or a combination of the following needs:

  • Outsourcing the complete IT infrastructure.
  • Outsourcing the server infrastructure only.
  • Connectivity between the organization's WAN and the Data Center site at Tikona Infinet premises.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the IT infrastructure like servers, routers etc.
  • Creating a Disaster Recovery site at Tikona Infinet Data centre premises.

With 24x7x365 customer support, security and power protection, our Co-location centres provide a safe and secure environment for your equipment.

Service Portfolio

Our vast portfolio of Managed Data Center Services comprised of:

Managed Co-location Services -
Co-locate your servers and other critical equipments hosting mission critical applications in a safe and secure environment to yield maximum uptime. With great pool of bandwidth available customers connect as much users as possible to any of the centrally located and easily accessible Data Centers. Tikona Infinet with its state of art facility ensures solution reliability and scalability for future growth. The facilities of the data center are ranked to Tier 3++ based on standards of TIA and Uptime Institute. The Data Centre has facilities to match the global standards such as,

  • Planned Physical Layout with caged Hosting area and Separate Console room, UPS room and Mux room.
  • Strategic Placement of rack to separate Hot Aisle and Cold Aisle Structured Cabling in racks
  • High Volume Precision ACs in redundant mode
  • Redundant Power Architecture with multiple routes to co-located chips
  • High standard Security Features as
    • Biometric Scan Access
    • Access cards
    • Fire Suppression and Alarm System
    • Early Smoke Detection System
    • Water Leak Detection
    • Pest repellent
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