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Fault Management: 
The core of the solution is fault management. This server provides Root Cause Analysis, Impact Analysis, Auto-Discovery, Standards-based Integrations, Manager of Managers (MoM) Event Console, Role-based, intuitive, web interface, Comprehensive Topology Maps, Highly configurable alarm console, Full Suite of Troubleshooting Tools, secured access to management console, MPLS topology, etc. 

Performance Management: 
The Performance Management server caters to the real-time & trend reporting on the network resources of IT environment. This server will provide performance reports & service level management reporting. It will cater to the real-time monitoring for the health & availability of the network devices and performance data for trend analysis of their performance. Performance data for links could include parameters like Bandwidth Utilization, Latency, Jitter, Packet Loss etc. System can also be configured to alert in case any of the Threshold parameter exceeds the configured thresholds. System can be effectively be used for Bandwidth Provisioning because of its Trend Reporting feature. Performance Management is integrated with Spectrum and Service Desk to provide an in depth view of the network from a single console. eHealth system will provision for: All typical console functionalities (database, discovery, poller, administration GUIs, reporting GUIs, etc.), All reporting analysis engines (Top N, Trend, At-A-Glance, My Health, Health, and Service Level), End-To-End PVC, MPLS, Multicast, and QoS analysis engines and many more. 

Configuration Management: 
Configuration Management is an effective tool to take scheduled running configurations of routers. The configurations are stored on the Server and can be retrieved anytime. An interesting feature of this utility is that highlights configuration changes in two different set of configurations. Prerequisite is the Read and Write Community Strings of the routers. 

Server Management: 
The server management module will host CORE (Common Object Repository), DSM (Distributed State Machine), central event console & Worldview components. All the servers across the enterprise will send events to this server for immediate automated action. It will cater to the real-time monitoring for the health & availability of the application servers and performance data for trend analysis of their performance. also be configured so as to alert the system administrators in case any of the preconfigured thresholds are breached. This is of utmost importance in scenarios of Database of FTP Servers where high hard disk consumption can trigger servers performance degradation or go completely down in some cases. 

Application Management:

Application Management can again be delivered by installing an agent specific to that application loaded on the client server. E.g. for monitoring of MS SQL Server an agent needs to be installed on the client Database server. The agent will keep collecting the data and then communicate with the central Tikona Infinet NOC server to deliver the data. The agent installed does not put considerable load on the server and consumes about 5 % of the system resources. Databases like MS SQL Server and Oracle, Exchange Servers and IIS Web servers can be effectively monitored using this solution. In addition to this Tikona Infinet will be placing application specific experts for the applications so as to manage and optimize the applications for optimum performance 

Service Desk Management:
The service desk will be a centralized helpdesk with an end-to-end complete ITIL compliant helpdesk. Apart from web based user interface It will also register incidents provided by NMS tools. 

Desktop Management: 
The asset management Module collects & reports hardware, software & license inventory for all managed computers. The Software Delivery module will be provisioned for the distribution of software to remote machines without any manual intervention. 

Patch Management: 
The Asset management & software delivery module will jointly provide patch management functionality. Here the Asset management module will collect hardware & software inventory with version levels and in case of any patch required for a specific version level the Software Delivery module will patch that. It will enable administrators to generate reports on all patch deployment activities. This solution will be applicable to windows environment only. 

Security Management: 
The security command center module will centrally monitor all network devices for any security breach and will escalate any violation incidents to relevant authorities. It will also provide reports for analysis. 

Backup Management: 
The Backup management module will provide centralized backup management console for provisioning & monitoring backup processes across enterprise. Backup reporting engine will provide reports for all backup activities.

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