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  • Q. How does Tikona Infinet provide Wireless broadband services?
    A. Tikona Infinet provides Last mile wireless broadband (Internet & VPN) services from its POPs across India. The provisioning of this last mile is done through Tikona Infinet's WBB base stations located at each POP, which connect to the CPE installed at the customer premises. The CPE is a radio modem given to the customer on a 'right to use' model under wireless broadband services. At customer end following components complete the Wireless link - Directional antennae, Mast, Cable, Transceiver, indoor Radio modem (CPE). At our POP end the similar setup is there along with indoor point-to-multipoint BTS with sectoral antennae. Since Tikona Infinet uses a licensed band spectrum to provide wireless broadband services, the equipments in that specific band need to be owned by the spectrum license holder (Tikona Infinet), therefore the delivery of wireless broadband is a 'service.

  • Q. What is the Frequency band in which we provide WBB services?
    A. Tikona Infinet has been allocated a licensed frequency in 2.7-2.9 Ghz band, which is open for ISPs only. Tikona Infinet operates on the licensed frequency spectrum allocated by Wireless Planning Commission (WPC) in the abovesaid band. Tikona Infinet uses same frequency spot across the country for commissioning wireless links. Tikona Infinet has been allocated multiple spots of "6 Mhz" to run the wireless broadband services from its nationwide Points of Presence. Tikona Infinet also provides wireless broadband and RF links in 2.4 Ghz and 5.8 Ghz band . These products are supplied to customers who need to connect their locations through wireless links.

  • Q. What is WBB topology used to provide this system?
    A. Wireless broadband services are primarily delivered in a point-to-multipoint topology where many CPEs (customers) connect to the BTS. The area covered by the Point to Multipoint links is 10-14 kms. Tikona Infinet uses 120 degree sectoral antennas with Base Stations to extend connectivity to the CPE. However, depending upon the link capacity and distance we provision wireless services through point-to-point links in licensed frequency band. Point to Point links extend the wireless reach to over 25 to 30 Km.

  • Q. What is the wireless system (equipment) used to deliver WBB Services?
    A. Tikona Infinet follows a multi vendor strategy, we signed agreements with multiple wireless OEMs. The equipment to be installed for commissioning a particular link is decided after receiving the order. 
    The factors that determine the CPE to be used are as follows:
      • Base Station installed at the nearest POP
      • Capacity availability in the existing BTS
      • Features required
      • Capacity requirement
      • Distance coverage required

  • All radios used in our network terminate on the Ethernet Port of the router or switch at the customers premise. Tikona Infinet can supply radios working in licensed as well as free band. 
    All links for delivering VPN and Internet connectivity are commissioned in licensed band 
    2.7-2.9 Ghz. 
    If the customer wants direct connectivity between his buildings the links are installed in free band of 2.4 Ghz or 5.8 Ghz.

  • Q. What is the channel bandwidth used by our wireless equipments?
    A. Channel bandwidth is the amount of spectrum space a particular wireless product occupies in a band. 
    WPC has allocated multiple spots of 6 MHz in 2.7 to 2.9 GHz band to Tikona Infinet. The equipments installed, uses upto 5 MHz of channel frequency. The extra one MHz is used as the guard band to prevent interference from other service provider's links operating in the consecutive frequency spots.
    The requirement of 5 MHz channel size, enables Tikona Infinet to commission interference free links in free band of 2.4 or 5.8 GHz band. This is done by choosing the 5 MHz spot with least interference from the 80 Mhz spectrum available in 2.4 GHz or 50 Mhz spectrum available in 5.8 Ghz band.

  • Q. What are the security mechanisms incorporated in our Wireless broadband service delivery?
    A. Tikona Infinet offers Wireless Broadband services in a licensed spectrum, wherein no other party is legally authorized to operate in the spectrum allocated to us. The equipments used by Tikona Infinet have inbuilt security features including Restricted polling response mechanism where every CPE has to be a part of the constant polling done by the base station and any unauthorized CPE cannot get access to the BTS. It also incorporates Multi-level user passwords and packet based encryption sequencing.
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