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  • Q. What is Network Management Services?
  • A. Network Management Services are also known as remote infrastructure management, where an organization partners a qualified service provider to proactively monitor and manage a part of or all day-to-day network-related activities. Managed services are adopted as a strategic method for improved effective and efficient operations.

  • Q. What are the Benefits of Managed Services?
  • A. Few of the considerable benefits are
    • Better Network Performance and Maximized Availability - Monitor and proactively manage network issues to optimize the performance of devices and services.
    • Access to Leading Operational Support Systems (OSS) - Benefit from advanced technologies without the costs of building a NOC or investment in development staff.
    • Lower Cost of Ownership - Little to no investment in capital equipment, staffing and in-house operations for day-to-day network maintenance activities. OSS technology is owned and managed by TIKONA Infinet resulting in lower costs and less risks associated with managing OSS tools and NOC personnel.
    • Rapid Implementation and Business Continuity - Seamless turn-up of network management services in as little as 30 days.
    • Low Costs - Eliminate hidden costs of buying and developing management tools with flat quarterly service fees for the service.
    • Optimize Technical Resources - Free up your technical team to focus on strategic technical initiatives and meet business goals with technology enhancements.
    • Easy and Accurate Capacity Planning - View current network usage and available capacity of your network. This insight enables accurate and proactive planning for future network upgrades without interruption in service delivery or customer satisfaction.

  • Q. Is Tikona Infinet Services compliant to any standards?
  • A. Yes. Managed services modules of Tikona Infinet are ITIL complaint and certified.

  • Q. Why should I choose Tikona Infinet services for Managed Services?
  • A. Outsourcing non-core activities and focusing on core business is a proven business strategy and many enterprises are migrating to this new business sense. Tikona Infinet has an end-to-end managed network services portfolio. Starting from monitoring tools to providing onsite facility management services, Tikona Infinet is an one stop shop.
    With Tikona Infinet's Managed services offering, the customer need not be worried about capital expenditure, implementation time for an in house solution, updation of technology, and manpower attrition. All these are being taken care by Tikona Infinet. The entire cost converts from Capex to Opex with the flexibility to choose different services as and when required in a modular way.
    With expertise on network management, the customer can trust the skills available with Tikona to monitor and manage the entire network and IT infrastructure to offer improved uptime and optimum network design. The service offered is sophisticated to the extent to provide future trends and capacity planning reports to proactive plan the requirement more accurately.

  • Q. Do I have to take bandwidth from Tikona Infinet to avail Managed Network Services?
  • A. No. One need not take the entire network from Tikona Infinet, Incase the customer has an existing network, a single VPN / Internet link is required to connect the customer's central location and Tikona Infinet NOC. The end points can be polled using the existing network of the customer.

  • Q. How do I stay knowledgeable of my network status and issues if I use Tikona Infinet Managed Services?
  • A. The Managed services offering of Tikona Infinet provides the customer with following facilities
    • Live Console - Real-time view of your entire network with live status for all network devices being monitored. Different reports with live and easy depiction of entire network highlighting critical.
    • Multi dimensional reports - Multiple reports using a wide array of data that can be sliced and analyzed in hundreds of combinations.
    • Auto Email report - Regularly scheduled report delivery for all Network / Server management services. All reports can also be scheduled for auto creation and delivery at regularly scheduled intervals to concerned person that you determine.
    • Capacity Planning and What If reports: Reports on current status and planned forecasts on network. This provides a base for analysis and recommendations for better network performance as well as opportunities for improved operations on Network Insight's end.
    • Web Portal: Tikona dashboard provides the customer a single window to log in and view all live and historic reports. The web portal also allows customers to log calls online and track the same till closure. The web portal is an easy to use window acting as a reservoir of all network information in an easy to understand report.
    • SMS / Emails alerts - An SMS and Email alert will be sent to the customer every time a security or any of the configured threshold breach occurs or is attempted.
    • Live, 24-hour, NOC support - Completely accessible to all customers, support Engineers and tier 2 & 3 engineers can be contacted any time by phone or through Email.

  • Q. Where is Tikona Infinet's NOC located?
  • A. Tikona Infinet has a proactive NOC in Noida. All monitoring hardware and software are located at a fully redundant, secure national co-location facility.

  • Q. How do I initiate managed services and how long will it take?
  • A.
    • Engage with an account manager
    • Provide network information and Choose level of services
    • Evaluate Tikona Infinet's Service offering
    • 4 to 6 weeks to for implementation once the PO and cheque is released
    • The dashboard login will be handed over to you once the implementation is complete
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