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  • Q. What types of Internet Bandwidth services does Tikona Infinet Offer?
    A. Tikona Infinet offers only 1:1 dedicated, premium Internet Bandwidth Services. This services is a premium bandwidth offering designed for customers who want to run their mission critical applications on Tikona Infinet's bandwidth services.
    100% of the procured bandwidth capacity is reserved for the customer in Tikona Infinet’s backbone. This ensures network availability to the customer even during non operational hours of the enterprise.

  • Q. How does Tikona Infinet deliver Internet bandwidth at the customer's premise?
    A. Tikona Infinet delivers Internet Bandwidth at the customers premise through Wired or Wireless last mile.
    Wired last mile connectivity is provisioned through various telcos. Tikona Infinet enjoys a long term relationship with BSNL, Bharti, Reliance, Tata and Railtel. It has signed a detailed document with SLA commitments and rate contracts with BSNL to ensure end to end service delivery as per the SLA commitments.
    Wireless last mile access is provisioned through Tikona Infinet 's owned and operated wireless network. We deliver our bandwidth services on the wireless last mile through Point to Multipoint topology. The base station equipment installed at our Point of Presence (POP) caters to multiple CPEs installed in the area.

  • Q. Can I upgrade my bandwidth capacity as the business grows?
    A. Tikona Infinet 's bandwidth services are scalable. The customer can upgrade the bandwidth capacity in multiples of 64 Kbps as the business grows. The bandwidth upgrade can be done with a minimal time lag provided the last mile can support the upgraded bandwidth capacity.
    Upgrading capacity on wireless last mile can be done much faster than terrestrial last mile as the CPEs installed at the customer's end support high capacities. In order to upgrade the link capacity Tikona Infinet need to provision extra bandwidth in its base station only.

  • Q. Why Tikona Infinet?
    A. Tikona Infinet enjoys working relationships with almost all Internet Gateway service providers in the country. We have built a fully redundant Internet backbone to ensure high network availability to our enterprise customers in any part of the country.
    We have tie ups with multiple service providers which ensures that Tikona Infinet 's Internet services are fully reliable to provide backend connectivity support for customers critical applications.
    Tikona Infinet proudly claims a very strong presence in the aviation Industry. Our esteemed customers in this vertical are using our Internet bandwidth services for critical, time bound applications like reservation and ticketing.
    Our multi carrier link deployment with redundancies at each level makes our services reliable and increases the customer satisfaction on our bandwidth services.

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