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Outsourcing non-core activities and focusing on core business is a proven business strategy and many enterprises are migrating to this new business sense.

Few of the Major benefits of Co-location are

Focus on Core Competency
Organizations get a value added advantage in outsourcing data centre and hosting activities, which allows them to focus on their core business

Easy and Fast Implementation
Building a data centre is a multiphase process involving design, implementation, maintenance etc. The entire process takes huge time, skill and effort to have a successfully running data centre. While the option of co-location enables a company to simply pick the servers and put it in Tikona Infinet's readymade data centre without taking any pain of going through the tedious cycle of planning, designing and implementing.

Cost Benefit
Cost benefit is one of the biggest benefits of outsourcing. Building an in-house data centre involves a huge one time Capital investment of procuring the entire facility hardware, real estate and besides the onetime Capex requirement there is huge Opex cost involved too. With Tikona Infinet 's Data Centre the customer need not worry about huge costs but pays minimal amount for only leasing the facility.

Seamless Integration and Deployment
During problems the best way out is by "Trusting the Experts". With Tikona Infinet 's state of art Data Centre infrastructure and multi-homed network, customers have always experienced seamless integration and deployment.

Unlimited Scalability
With huge infrastructure and ocean of bandwidth available, the customers need not worry about their expansion plans and growth models.

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
The "Total Cost of Ownership" in these scenarios gets transferred from customer to Tikona Infinet. The customer enjoys a free mind and time to devote to core business functions, assured about business continuity.

Reduced Return on Investment (RoI) Period
As there is no huge capital expenditure involved the ROI period stands negligible maintaining a healthy balance sheet for the customer.

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