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Benefits for the Tikona Infinet MPLS Customer

Partnering with Tikona Infinet for its MPLS network provides many benefits to any customer. The customer by utilizing this MPLS network achieves the following advantages:

  • Simplicity
      -  No special CPE requirements 
      -  Addressing flexibility - no private address translation
  • Low cost managed services from the Tikona Infinet bouquet
  • Flexible user and service grouping (Intranet, Extranet)
  • Assured Security 
      -  VPN Address space and Routing Separation 
      -  Resistance to Label Spoofing
      -  Security through VPN Separation
  • Easy introduction of new services (Multicasting, VoIP, Hosting over the same link)
  • QoS and CoS

Class of Service 

Tikona Infinet has defined several service classes Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. The following table defines how each of these services might be mapped to the equivalent IP precedence bits.

Benefits of Tikona Infinet's solution include, but are not limited to:

  • Increased productivity through better network and application performance
  • Reduced network-related capital expenditures by leveraging Tikona Infinet's Managed Network Services
  • Streamlined operations by providing a single point of contact across your network
  • Support for business growth by ensuring the scalability of your network
  • Ability to allocate critical IT resources to core activities while accessing Tikona Infinet's deep network expertise and 24/7 support
  • Improved network control and bandwidth management for seamless communications. With Tikona Infinet's Virtual Private Network Service, a fully managed network solution, you benefit from the flexibility, responsiveness and scalability of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) without the burden of a major capital investment.

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